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This page defines the team plan:


Founding Director

Core Duty: Strategic development, standards definition, and practical testing on an ongoing basis towards the distributive economy. Core Skills: Visionary leadership and hands-on involvement on organizational, technical, and practical fronts.

  • Lead strategist and strategic partnership developer
  • Lead Extreme Manufacturing platform developer
  • Approves human resource allocations and budgets for development
  • Maintains close rapport with Production, Farm, and Construction Directors towards a scalable OSE Campus development model
  • Produces Instructional Videos on Organizational Innovation towards disruptive change

Executive Assistant

Core Duty: support of the day-to-day activities of the Founding Director. Core Skills: Well-organized individual who is a lifestyle investor in the project.

  • Lives on-site at Factor e Farm
  • Maintains close rapport with Founding Director (FD) regarding the progress of the organization
  • Weekly meeting, 11:30 AM every Monday.
  • Manages FD's emails: responds to emails, initial contacts, collaboration inquiries
  • Manages communication with True Fans and manages member database.
  • Produces diagrams, charts, visuals, and other media assets to assist with status reporting (True Fans numbers, site statistics, TED Talk statistics, etc)
  • Makes phone calls for information requests, parts sourcing, etc.
  • Organizes the FD's calendar, sets up travel, appointments, interviews, conference calls, and other engagements
  • Negotiates speaking engagements
  • Undergoes cross-training Crash Programs presented by Factor e Farm every Saturday
  • Produces one instructional video per (every 1-2 months or as needed) months regarding the Executive Assistant position and its duties
  • Participates in Daily Scrum in the workshop for 4-6 hours every day.
  • Schedules Flash Mob Development Sessions, and helps to recruit Flash Mob members
  • Responds to initial contacts and does follow-ups (community relations)
  • Organizes facility tours, work days for outsiders, team work sessions for FeF participants
  • Organizes dinners prepared by an outside cook
  • Organizes work days for outside participants
  • Provides tours to new team members and helps them set up their living and working environment - until a site manager is recruited
  • Orders materials and supplies for the project
  • Must have their own transportation to run errands.

Technology Assistant

Core Duties: Internet platform support for the project including collaborative CAD, Flash Mob organization, web platform, and web presence. Core Skills: Good working knowledge of a wide array of programming languages, computer platforms, and internet infrastructures.


  • Basic coding skills (Python, Arduino Environment, Processing, html, CSS, wiki markup)
  • Android augmented reality apps development experience - to make fabrication training instructionals for CEB, tractor, Power Cube, and soil pulverizer.
  • Basic knowledge of CAM pathways from Arduino to LinuxCNC
  • Basic knowledge of CAD platforms and functionality
  • Familiarity with various 3D scanning technologies, from Kinect Applications to 3D Scanning, to Next Engine, to DIY 3D scanning applications


Core Duty: Recruiting and On-Boarding leadership to invite one new on-site candidate per week and 5 additional subject matter experts to Flash Mob teams.

  • Assists in recruits a cook/site community manager/tour organizer
  • Recruits talent for Flash Mobs according to XM Flash Mob Recruiting Strategy
  • Recruits Farm Director, Production Director, and Construction Director from search to on-boarding

Development Director

Core Duty - Raising funds, fellowships, and in-kind organizational assistance support for the organization.

  • Writes grants and Fellowships
  • Manages a Resource Development Team
  • Interviews candidates until a full time recruiter is identified
  • Sets up legal and financial infrastructure of the organization


Production Director

Core Deliverable: Developing a bootstrap-funding platform of $20k/month based on GVCS product sales by year-end 2012.

Core Duties: Organizing production runs, training producers, managing professional fabricators.

Enterprise Development:

  • Manages production runs with novices and professionals
  • Develops $20k/month bootstrap revenue generation Enterprise Plan for Factor e Farm (definition of facility, space, tooling, ergonomics, etc.) - see OSE_Self-Funding_Business_Model
  • Executes Enterprise Plan
  • Guides fabrication aspect of Entrepreneurship Incubation program
  • Works with fabrication novices (Factor e Farm staff) and Fabrication Apprentices
  • Develops and documents Distributive Enterprise Business Model, and recruits Entrepreneurship Incubation program participants.
  • Works with FeF Documenter to develop Video Instructionals
  • Documents progress openly with a daily log and vlog on the wiki using an automatic upload platform such as an Android smart phone.
  • Leads Flash Mobs on any required development points.

Documenation and Training:

  • Create complete training materials for people participating in production runs
  • Responsible for training people on Production Track

OSE Fellows For Distributive Enterprise

Core Duty: Developing a Distributive Enterprise based on GVCS technologies on a 12 month time scale.

Core Competency: Visionary enterprise development, crowd-sourced development, social marketing, and documentation.

  • Propose a Project Plan for the complete development, deployment, and documentation of a beta release distributive enterprise based on GVCS tools and techniques
  • Collaborates with Factor e Farm staff on development and strategy
  • Leverages global peer collaboration to assist in development process
  • Focuses on hands-on development, theory, organizational aspects, and enterprise development.
  • Contributes actively to a Flashy XM development platform

Distributive Enterprise Incubator Interns

Core Duty: Demonstrating replicability of OSE Distributive Enterprises.

  • Manages production runs with apprentices
  • Develops $20k/month bootstrap revenue generation plan for Factor e Farm (definition of facility, space, tooling, ergonomics
  • Executes the plan
  • Works with entrepreneurs in Entrepreneurship Incubation program
  • Develops and documents Distributive Enterprise Business Model under CC Share Alike license
  • Works with FeF Documenter to develop Video Instructionals
  • Documents progress openly with a daily log and vlog on the wiki using an automatic upload platform such as an Android smart phone.

Distributive Enterprise Incubator Interns

  • Manage a complete production run from part sourcing to delivery
  • Collaborates with Factor e Farm on social marketing assistance.
  • Performance-based revenue-sharing contract with Factor e Farm
  • Work 50% time on production run and 50% on further prototyping.
  • 20 hours/week of volunteer workshop prototyping/training/assistance work required

Workshop Apprentices

  • Assist in fabrication and other workshop duties
  • Help in other FeF-related work in site maintenance, construction, and agriculture as needed

Construction Director

  • Works with Floyd Hagerman on technology transfer of CEB Contrstruction methods
    • Utilizes assistance from FeF Documentor to produce related instructionals
    • Writes scripts for construction instructionals
  • Develops a process for building a 350 square foot microhouse on a week time-scale and $3000-5000 budget for shell structure including kitchen and bathroom
  • Gains proficiency in Sawmill and forestry operations
  • Works with GVCS equipment and provides feedback to related Product Directors on usability/development needs
  • Experience in standard construction techniques is a baseline, but should be complemented with quick learning ability of nonstandard and natural building techniques
  • Basic familiarity with equipment maintenance, repair, torching and welding is also desirable
  • Construction management skills are required
  • Required to cross train in basic fabrication/repair and other Core Cross-Training Tompetencies
  • Documents progress openly with a daily log and vlog on the wiki using an automatic upload platform such as an Android smart phone.
  • Interior house design using Sweet Home 3D
  • Produces house design in Sketchup
  • Rooftop water catchment cisterns and shallow well construction
  • Digs and develops deep water wells
  • Cross trains in Core Cross-Training Competencies

Farm Director

  • Brings out GVCS equipment for testing and usability in the field: tractor for field ag, microtractor for garden-scale, and bulldozer for earthworks.
  • Recruit supporting SMEs such as for Flash Mobs
  • Surveys FeF
    • Develop a survey strategy
  • Keyline plows for erosion control
  • Digs retention ponds and fish ponds
  • Designs, plants and maintains a garden, greenhouse, nursery, edible forest garden, and field crops
  • Organized and manages on-site team for group work days in plantout, harvest, and other tasks
  • Maintains and propagates chicken, duck, goose, cow, and pig flocks
  • Installs bat houses, worm beds, compost beds, fish ponds, mushroom culture, and other management practices
  • Scope: machinery, earthworks, field ag, garden, ponds, animal husbandry (chicken + cow + bees), forestry

Product Director

Key Role: Clear vision of OSE Specification and disruptive distributive enterprise + the requirements for embodiment of GVCS tools. The product is Cross Training Materials, GVCS Products, Distributive Enterprises, Production Runs, Distributive Enterprise Incubation Program, and Lifestyle Engineering.

  • Embodies OSE Specifications and applications towards disruptive, distributive, neo-subsistence, open source Economy of Affection
  • Develops Cross Training materials for the participants of FeF
  • Develops strategy for GVCS product development

Product Manager

  • Works on taking a single product to Distributive Enterprise deployment
  • Produces a strategic plan and timeline and submits
    • Communicates infrastructure, personnel, and other resource needs in strategic plan
  • Networks and assesses progress needs of a project, and provides support for progress acceleration
  • Prioritizes execution of XM steps
  • Proposes resource allocation (human capital, materials, budgets) for approval by FD
  • Collaboration network development - Establishes contacts with related projects that are already working on related open source tools, processes, or infrastructures
  • Recruits and Development Team (Flash Mobs, Designers, Prototypers, etc.) and secures work commitments, focusing on crowd sourcing of resources
  • Recruits Flash Mob members by Strategic Flash Mob Recruiting
  • Organizes 5 Flash Mob sessions per week to accelerate development
  • Works with the rest of the team to develop a Flash Mob platform
  • Documents progress openly with a daily log and vlog on the wiki using an automatic upload platform such as an Android smart phone.
  • Cross trains on any outstanding Core Cross-Training Competencies
  • Works with FD on Definition of Ready and Definition of Done for a given product
  • Responsible for breaking down the technology to a SEBD and having FD approve the breakdown
  • Recruits a Flash Mob for Design, CAD, and Review
  • Develops rapport with Flash Mob, evealuates contributor performance
  • Maintains a task trackingfor in Scrumy
  • Works with Factor e Farm fabricators to build prototypes
  • Develops and verifies Bills of Materials, secures Sourcing, and
  • Solicits bids from Flash Mob participants or from a general bidding procedure
  • Evaluates bids from bidders
  • Collaborates with FD on defining product specifications/design rationales for each technology. This sets the pathway for how a product is designed in essence congruent with OSE Specifications
  • Assures that logging, blogging, and vlogging of progress occurs on an ongoing basis - by collecting input from all team members and by posting the documentation on Project Page Log and Work Product of Control Panel
  • Leverages social networks and other platforms for Flash Mob recruitment
  • Evolves the Project Page platform to accommodate any additional project tracking needs
  • Recruits crowd-based subject matter expertise to each project
  • Reviews budgets from bidders and submits to FD for approval
  • Makes on-site visits with collaborators as needed
  • Keeps a daily log on the wiki.
  • Collaborates with Factor e Farm Documenter in preparing a weekly update vlog/blog.
  • Communicates assessment of projects and recovery plans in a weekly meeting with F, or as often as needed.

  • Manage a complete production run from part sourcing to delivery
  • Collaborates with Factor e Farm on social marketing assistance.
  • Performance-based revenue-sharing contract with Factor e Farm
  • Work 50% time on production run and 50% on further prototyping.
  • 20 hours/week of volunteer workshop prototyping/training/assistance work required

Entrepreneurship Track

Note: This is a track for individuals to participate on site at Factor e Farm (FeF) where the participants (Entrepreneurs from here on) engage in the production of GVCS machines. The scope of the involvement can range from just simply following fabrication drawings on a build in the workshop - to a higher level of involvement that may involve: business planning, sale contract negotiation, sourcing development, supplies and materials acquisition, documentation and CAD work, refinenment of the production process, subcontracting, evaluating new production techniques, and any other tasks related to production on site at Factor e Farm.

Disclaimer: The following are just concepts and ideas, and should not be construed as any form of a standing offer or contract. The following is for your information only. The details shall be negotiated carefully with any applicant. Terms will be determined on the basis of the Entrepreneur's skills and experience, their track record in the tasks involved, on which parts of the overall production process they are participating, what resources they are bringing, what FeF resources they are using, the contract duration they are willing to commit, other services that they are providing to the OSE project, and others.

Intent: The intention of the Entrepreneurship Track is to offer a specific enterprise development opportunity to individuals who are interested in the economic significance of our products. There are no commitments to the lifestyle-investment aspects of our work - outside of the non-negotiable open IP commitment. It shall be understood that open IP, documentation, and other open source elements of this process are absolutely non-negotiable. There shall be no NDAs signed, and all designs, information, and IP shall be committed in good faith as a pool of common human knowledge - under the OSE License for Distributive Economics, or under the Creative Commons Share Alike License (enterprise replication use of materials is allowed), or under any other license consistent with the Distributive Enterprise goals of OSE. (Comment on the Coercive Nature of the OSE Open IP Clause)

  • Role of Entrepreneur: to build a GVCS machine for delivery to a user; to be willing to participate and assist in the documentation of the machine towards the development of a Distributive Enterprise plan/strategy/operational model/business plan.
  • Role of Factor e Farm: to provide infrastructure for the machine build (as detailed on a point-by-point basis in the Entrepreneur Contract); to docum


  • This track is designed specifically for those who are interested in demonstrating and capturing the economic value of GVCS tools via their performance on the open market.
  • Revenue sharing shall be the means of distributing the captured value of production.
  • Revenue Sharing shall be from 10%-50% (based on contract specifics)
    • Sharing specifics will be determined based on the level of involvement and risk-sharing in the production run
  • Payment is determined by completion of