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Last Updated April, 2013.

The review team has the duty of performing ongoing review of designs for GVCS machines.


Are you interested in joining our Technical Review Team? We are building this team - a team of practitioners and professionals - to help guide the development of the GVCS. The way it works - we propose questions on specific details - or questions on more general strategies, quality assurance issues, and other aspects of bringing our products toward economic significance. The areas of expertise that we are seeking include any of the GVCS machines - including specific expertise, or general skill in mechanical engineering, mechatronics, power electronics, fluid power, automation, energy, materials, robotics, precision machining, and many others. As we move forward, we'll extend the technical review to other areas: enterprise, organizations, IT, education, media, communications, and other areas. The time requirement for this involves being called upon informally via email as needed. It is best when the Technical Review Team member has direct stakeholdership in the developments under consideration - so it is not a chore for them to engage in design/review discussions.

As we move forward, we would like to involve our Technical Review Team in development sessions in physical space - in various hubs around the world. Once our team membership grows significantly, we'd like to make such development sessions a normal part of our open product development technique. The point is developing a process for engaging diverse talent - in a fun and productive manner. Our long term goal on this is creating an innovative platform for open source product development - as a viable alternative to proprietary research and development.

In fact, we believe that when developed properly - the collaborative techniques will become the generally preferred route of doing product and service development - avoiding much reinvention of the wheel and accelerating innovation in general.

OSE Specifications

GVCS products follow OSE Specifications, following these major points:

  • Modularity
  • Lifetime design
  • Simplicity
  • Scalability
  • Replicability
  • Robustness

We would like to ensure that designs follow modularity as part of a product ecology of the Global Village Construction Set - modules are interchangeable as part of a greater set.