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From Cindy

You can do a direct inquiry through their formal channels here https://www.terracycle.com/en-US/pages/work-with-us

Check this out ....hmmm I sense a connection...


The idea is absolutely right. In my plan, there is no waste, as the Village Campus recycles everything from plastic, biomass, steel. So we'll have this solved, and we're looking for a way to scale - which would be in a very different business model of Autonomous Communities, beyond global supply chains.

And Princeton Dropout. So am I, even though I finished.

If this guy wants to diversify beyond waste to open source microfactories, this would be a perfect match. Though that would be a far stretch if he doesn't have a 5+ year horizon.

Could use some more insight into Regulation A financing. I do not support "going public" - which I think is one of the most deadly institutions in society - so I would like to see if Regulation A operates differently. Catherine Austin Fitts suggested Regulation A to me back in 2014 before this came out.

Very impressive about the recyclable containers for consumer goods. That's going to be everywhere soon with cheap and autonomous vehicle delivery. This guy is ahead of the curve, I'm sure Amazon wants a piece of this. We could collaborate, for example, if he needs autonomous open source delivery vehicles. I don't see any evidence if this guy appreciates open source though. Any insights on that point?

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