The Future of Lithium Batteries

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  • As of now nothing beats the energy/kg of Lithium Ion Batteries in most applications (outside of weird applications like aircraft where mass lost viaa chemical use increases efficiency anf flight charachteristics greatly
  • HOWEVER lithium is a nonrenewable resource, and even if recycled it takes large amounts of energy to process
  • Also Li-Ion batteries can form Dendrites leading to falure wjich is sometimes catostrophic (Cough Cough, Samsung Galaxy S7)
  • Thus there is almost a new "gold rush" to develop an alternative

Current ALternatives

Very Small Scale


Small Scale

  • SOme near term solutions, but nothing truely effective and cost competitive as of early 2020

Medium Scale

Large Scale

  • Same as medium scale, but either more modules, or larger modules
  • Low level FES systems

Very Large Scale

Future Solutions/Solutions in Development

Micropower (ie very small - small) scale hydrogen storage and usage

Fuel Cells

Compressed gas chemical energy instead of lithium electrochemical energy is 10-100x more energy dense by weight. So why not try small cylinders like they use for home carbonated water makers?

Solid State Batteries


  • Uses a solid electrolite
  • Can use sodium instead of lithium

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