The OSE Ethic

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The OSE Ethic stands behind OSE Values, and must thus support our vision, mission, strategies, and tactics as we build culture that inspires both people inside - and outside - the organization.

  • Land stewardship, like the Land Ethic
  • We are all in it together. There is no us and them if we are seeking win-win solutions. This is our basis for unleashed collaboration and end of artificial scarcity.
  • It is a ne's moral, practical imperative to learn, cultivate skills including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) to do lifelong learning, and to adapt constantly to new ideas, while preserving core values.
  • We have a moral and practical imperative to change the world from the current status quo. There are pressing world issues to solve. Each field of human endeavor has numerous outstanding questions - ready to be solved through open collaboration
  • Creating systems for scarcity and acting out of a scarcity mindset to function for one's own benefit rather than serving the world - is not ethical.
  • Unless we take full responsibility for something, we do not have the moral authority to complain about it. For example, do not think I'll of a fossil fuel company if you drive a car or use a cell phone - both of which were enabled with fossil fuels. A responsible act would be to begin working on replacing the technology with more benign alternatives.
  • Take on a long term view. Most people underestimate what they can do in the long term, and overestimate what they can do in the short term.
  • Claiming to invent new things is arrogant, while in reality we are just making tiny additions on the vast pool of human knowledge. We innovate (assemble existing things into new forms - or describe existing things with added clarity or abstraction) we do not create new things unless your name is Big Bang or God.
  • We are spiritual but careful about institutions that claim authority over spiritual matters. We cultivate responsibility, superpowers, perspicuity, ethics, spirituality, capacity for sublimation, and the art of possibility - soft and hard skills that can be taught so we can all reach for the stars.