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The OSE platform is 10x of 10x. We select problems that can be improved 10x, and we pursue numerous areas at 10x for 10x of 10x.

  • Distributing power- solving the last frontier of economics: distribution. Without explicit intent of positive distribution, we can end up at fascism. Thus, we focus on the true distribution of power.
  • Integrated Education - the age of information transfer is over. Anyone can now access any information they like. Thus, the shift is to how to form accurate mental models (General Semantics) and learning how to learn (based on the purpose afforded by Moral Intelligence so that one can learn faster than anyone else could teach them. Creating accessible mechanisms for correcting mental models and learning how to learn should be the prime concern of civilization.
  • Building Things - if we no longer learn how to build things, then we are setting civilization up for a population of dependents. This is not good for democracy. Productive potential should be widely distributed throughout the population, and at many levels of complexity from basic resource coversion to space age technology.
  • Efficiency - Peter Drucker claimed that effectiveness is a moral duty of leaders and of everyone else - as without it, we degenerate into scarcity as opposed to thriving in prosperity.
  • Moral Intelligence - this is the driver of both intellectual intelligence and emotional intelligence, giving purpose to both. We are lost on the high seas without this compass.
  • Edge of Knowledge - most people are born creative geniuses with divergent thinking, but we disbalance this into primarily convergent thinking as we age, losing various forms of creative problemsolving skills. OSE's goal is to regenerate this lost genius, and to prevent it from disappearing in the first place.
  • Benign Automation - automation has the power to deliver the Promise of Technology, not to unbalance the playing field even further.
  • Leveling the Playing Field - open access to knowhow - and therefore economic power - is a key ingredient to a hopeful, democratic society.
  • Abundance - this is a rigorous condition of discipline and effectiveness - not a hippie ideal. To get there, we must start with the eradication of Competitive Waste
  • Unleshed Swarm Collaboration - create a paradigm of collaborative problem-solving capable of solving societal issues faster than they are created.
  • Immortality - immortality is the condition of leaving a legacy from one's life, not just passing through unnoticed.
  • Inclusion - mixing classes and lifting everyone up, to avoid the dilemma of The Best And the Brightest
  • Solving Production - distributed production for mutually assured abundance can be achieved on a small scale, without extreme concentration of power
  • Lifetime Design - integrated product ecosystems with modular components allow for upgrades and maintenance of products for as long as one likes to do so. At the end of product life, materials are recycled.
  • Life-Work Integration - convivial economies of affection can be created when we cease to make the artificial distinction between business and life - because such a division is a fundamental conflict of interest between private visions and the general state of the world, which curtails those visions.