Theory of Noncollaboration

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Understanding why people don't collaborate can help us understand ways to attain collaboration. In creating a collaborative algorithm, we can create a collaborative artificial intelligence.

Cognitive Overload

  • People are overloaded. Some do well on overload management, such as compartmentalization, or spiritual training for presence and gratitude.
  • To address overload, people would need to get smarter.
  • People who see more connections (integrated thinking) will naturally be more collaborative because they see ways to connect.
  • Ultimate intelligence is being able to reconcile 2 seemingly opposed ideas
  • Thus, integrated learning must be a high priority: multimodal (different senses), interdisciplinary (Zachman Framework), intersectoral Metacrisis; applied; physical-intellectual-spiritual-economic-moral.
  • Cross-fertilization of ideas is a powerful concept, but where is it taught?