Thu Oct 4, 2018 Standup

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  • Calendar. Month 1 marketing + Kit deployment. Month 2 breakeven + stabilize. . Month 3 - teacher/lbrarian workshops + HeroX.
  • Long term - tractors in africa
  • Printers up and running? - Friday or Saturday to get them running.
  • e-book status? How does 3DP seed the Power Cube? Rubber engine mounts, suction hoses, clean plugs for hydraulic hoses to prevent dirt from entering
  • Shipping
  • Update on Africa
  • Digital Promise contact next steps - followup
  • phplist and phpBB vs Discourse
  • Cindy Conference Call
  • Decide venue for Oakland
  • Decide on 2 more venues


  • First: event conversion for 1 day builds.
  • Capture email and do other marketing venues
  • Second: market research first
  • Emphasizing design sprints for libraries

Marketing Venues




  • David Lee: Fab Lab Village, Autonomous Tracktor
  • Alex S: (People build themselves and then...) Business model for Africa is Financing.
  • Combo: develop engineering + supply chain in China, and then deliver in Africa in Feb for $200k
  • Cindy the Librarian: propose a 2 day curriculum and then go for it. $1400 2-day package. They are receptive and overburdened. They may take on a platter, or a design-jam on the 3rd day. Simple project: fully 3d printed broom, or toilet wipe. 3d printed vice. Meeting library needs to switch to emerging technology, digital making, and design. A very encouraging convo. Present it on a platter, and then you start scoring. Start with the curriculum.
  • Librarians may not have continuing education curriculum. But they have a materials budget. You could say they could buy a kit.
  • $1000 for all the costs? for the kit? (Kit has embodied costs.) (Diff libraries have diff budgets. )
  • Cindy's angle: 6 entrepeneurs in the inner city? Connecting to a computer repair group?
  • "open source copy machine for common goods" -- this is the open source fab lab
  • Look at: for building together w/ 100s

Agenda Items

Action Steps

  • Marcin copies curriculum and re-orients to OSE spec
  • Marcin will send us assembly of extruder
  • Email mike to figure out how to catch emails through phplist, with an autoresponder, or it can be a free 3d printer plans (it already exists)
  • Design Sprint Training (3rd day for librarians)
  • Think about using Welcomely to catch emails with Ad Words
  • Marcin connects Sara to Google Adwords
  • Alex & Sara setup our OSE gmail accounts
  • Alex will call Oakland folks, and research San Jose + Sacramento (but not call them)
  • Alex will refine the log


  • 1 day detail
  • 2 day detail
  • 3 Day detail - Design Jam - frame the email catchment around design. 2 hour design crash course by OSE
  • Corporate Team Building