Time Fill vs Fast Fill vs Combination Fill CNG Fueling Stations

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  • CNG Fill stations have one of three variations:
    • Time Fill
    • Fast Fill
    • And Combination Fill
  • This Page Explores the Differences between these for future reference
  • Also applicable to Compressed Hydrogen Gas

Time Fill

  • This is essentially like overnight charging EVs but for CNG
  • These are more economical as they don't require much storage, and work at lower pressures

Fast Fill

  • These take a low pressure CNG input, compress it to high pressure, then store it in a buffer tank
  • This allows for fill times comparable to that of conventional liquid fueled vehicles
  • More costly and possible safety concerns due to high pressure and/or long term storage of flammable gasses

Combination Fill

  • These are units that can do both Time and Fast Fill

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