Time to Sublimation

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This is part of a personal transformative practice, with respect to a routine for waking up to full activity, creativity, and flow in the morning.

Once you do your morning exercises, whether yoga, meditation, or other flow-generating practice, Time to Sublimation refers to the time until Sublime Thinking begins to happen. This is marked by the point at which one is able to take troublesome thoughts and convert them into inspiration. This is part of a deep growth process that everyone should learn. The alternative is retaining 'childhood traumas' or other daily traumas as a source of pain. Such pain can build up and lead one to lose energy and die small deaths, instead of becoming full of energy and inspiration. To be able to do this allows us to go through the full cycle of Psychosocial Integration - allowing to take on civic responsibility - and on the dark side - keep us away from depravity of tendencies such as authoritarianism, revanchism, victim mentality, terrorism, genocide or other ills of human psychology. Learning sublimation is an art to master - and it must be nurtured or practiced. Just like anything - it requires the standard 10000 Hours to Genius.