Tractor Concept

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Essential Concept:

  • Hydraulic drive - for ease of power transmission and easy interchangeability of parts
  • Bolt-together XYZ construction (like Gridbeam)
  • Quick-connect wheel motors
  • Quick-connect hydraulic valves
  • Stackability of power units (feasibility proven)
  • Tracks
  • Quick-attach plate
  • Interchangeability of power unit between Open Source Car, Truck, Microtractor, and Bulldozer
  • Later retrofittability with Modern Steam Engine Power Unit
  • Power units in units of 18 or 27 hp, off-shelf Briggs and Stratton for now
  • Square tubing - 4x4x1/4"
  • 5000 in lb hydraulic motors, 32 cu in
  • Parts interchangeability between Microtractor and Bulldozer