Transformative Collaborative Literacy

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This is Collaborative Literacy applied specifically to solving Pressing World Issues. It is a survey of these topics:

Key elements are:

  1. Self Esteem - how to cultivate full self esteem as a basis for one's existence
  2. Learning How to Learn
  3. How to Make Decisions
  4. Mental Models
  5. Critical Thinking - the thinking process can be learned. It is essential to problemsolving, by analyzing problems within a framework based on physical phenomena that leads to innovative solutions - as opposed to confusion or pseudoscience. This process must also allow for unknowns or incomplete information.
  6. Purpose - or relatedness, from Self-Determination Theory
  7. Taxonomy, Epistemology, Semantics, General Semantics - understanding organization of knowledge appleid to open source product development. Study of Epistemology, Semantics, General Semantics applied to the creation of the next economic paradigm.
  8. Product Development Process - applied to Open Source Product Development
  9. Module-Based Design and Interface Design. How to divide any realm of endeavor into interoperable modules, and how to interoperate beetween realms of endeavor.
  10. Communication and Marketing - how to relate to others effectively, empathically