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This page will document OSE's attempts to protect trees planted at FeF from threats that may otherwise kill the trees

Wire Mesh

These were constructed by User:Marcin & User:Maltfield by wire mesh, wire, and pvc pipe to protect the baby hazelnut trees planted in the key line fields from being eaten by rabbits.

In May 2018, Michael made & laid 66 of these over the period totaling about 10 hours.


These wire mesh screen protectors were installed as follows:

  1. Walk along the key lines to find the baby walnut trees through the weeds
  2. After positive identification, construct a wire mesh circle by cutting a length of wire mesh about a cubit in length
  3. Make the wire mesh into a cylindar using a length of wire about a half cubit in length
  4. A foot-long PVC pipe is driven into the ground as a stake as far away from the hazelnut's rootball as possible, as is allowed by the diameter of the wire mesh protector
  5. The wire mesh protector is connected to the PVC pipe stake by a length of wire about a cubit in length

FindingBabyHazelnutTrees.jpg IdentifyingBabyHazelnutTrees.jpg CutMesh.jpg MakeProtector.jpg FinishedProtector.jpg FieldAfterProtection.jpg


This process could be improved if the wire mesh cylinders were pre-made in a more assembly-line manner, rather than being done in the field as needed. Or, better, if the entire protector was actually 3d printed: both the big cylinder that goes around the tree and the small cylinder that's staked into the ground.

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