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Trello is a SCRUM like free online application.


Features to come soon


  • No Burndown Charts


Collaboration Usage

These are guidelines how to use Trello collaboratively:

  • Create needed Lists, e.g.: TODO, Doing, Verification, Done.
  • Create new cards:
    • Press "N" to create a new card. It will be created below the current selected card. Type the name of the card and press "Enter" to save it.
  • Assign yourself/another to a card
    • Assign yourself to a card - select the card and press "SPACE"
    • Assign another to a card - select the card and press "a" and choose the person.
    • Unassigning works with the same shortcuts.
  • Verification
    • Add card for Verification
    • Verify a card
      • If all okay, move it to the list "Done"
      • If more work is to be done:
        • Create a checklist and the points that has to be done
        • Move the card back to "TODO" or "Doing"
        • Send email to the person responsible with subject "TODO <card name>" or "Doing <card name>" and in the body link to the card. He should read your checklist points and fix them.
  • View more cards by decreasing the font size from your browser.

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