Truly Replicable Production

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Concept based on Truly Replicable Research.

Truly Replicable Production is production where production parameters are executed identically for identical, quality-controlled results in globally distributed, Open Source Microfactories and related distributed facilities anywhere in the world, which share a standard base of open source equipment and open quality control protocols. Collaborative Design is used in this framework for Open Source Product Development.

This is the promise theorized in the seminal book on distributed production, Fab but there is little or no evidence of FabLabs co-ordninating to deliver Truly Replicable Production. OSE is actively engaged on filling this gap:

  1. Develop a scalable funding mechanism for collaborative, open source product development. This is 2022's current, full time effort with the Seed Eco-Home 4 as the minimum viable product.
  2. Optimize, distribute, and unleash collaborative production and innovation across all sectors, starting with Distributed Market Substitution
  3. Enable innovation for solving all Pressing World Issues