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  • This page aims to go over three areas where there are some major shifts in what ose needs to do, and how it structures itself
  1. Public Relations
  2. Organisation/Web Design
  3. Security of Site

Public Relations

  • In our early phases (Essentially now) our main focus is advertising this comes in the forms of:
    • Web/video design
    • Events
    • Networking (Asking for reviews of units, SME Requests, and attempts to form local chapters)
    • And advertising

On the ethics of advertising

  • User:Eric 's Rant (here is the whole i don't speak for OSE disclaimer)
    • Advertising is inherently manipulative
    • Also tracking of data etc can be unethical and today often is
    • HOWEVER there is a difference between ethics and real world strategy
    • Until we reach the tipping point we may need semi-unethical advertising
    • In order to prevent this from turning into a "oh we'll change eventually, EVENTUALLY" mess i hope this page can help us add hard "shift points" based on our people base
    • Once we reach the "tipping point" of exposure, advertising etc is essentially not needed (does a certain cola brand, or social media xyz need to advertise? No, they are universally known (outside of Mastodon (Social Media Platform) , it needs love...) and thus it would be a waste of time and funds etc
    • I personally am a low level privacy enthusiast, but not very hard line about it, mainly net neutrality and full on social credit systems are my no-goes etc (rant for another place and time...) so i am personally fine, we perhaps have some sort of forum to discuss this if a controversy occurs (as "we all?" seem fine? i can't speak for everyone obviously but out of the people in the video and me we are ok? may be some other developers, need to see

PR Tipping Points

Less than 1,000 Highly Interested People/Developers

  • Serious need to advertise + network


  • Sort of a transition area away from advertising more towards brand shaping/video editing/other "nice to haves" that make us more appealing to non-enthusiasts (ie the PrEttY graphic design, non-technical explanations, products that "just work" so non early adopters use them etc


  • I, User:Eric am DEFINETLY NOT some pr/business expert/major so I can't say but i'm guessing around here is when we need some full on planning team/ low level bureaucracy (for things like larger budgeting/people emailing etc that needs to be answered yet is more that 1-5 people can handle, etc)
  • Also by then we may need at least 1-3 people doing some intense filming/editing/mixing of the sound/audio of the "big stuff" (builds etc) to seem more "professional" etc

Web/Video Design

  • This one is lesser a tipping point, and more something that will help the others, but
  • Clear, main page displays of relevant info (like our countdown, but for meetings etc)
    • We are pretty good here, but can also add to it
  • Translators especially being an inherently international project, getting quality page translations and subtitles for audio/video will be VERY useful. CALLING ALL BILINGUALS etc (perhaps even ask to be a language class project/pet project at university level? need to network for this)

Page Security

  • We are "underground" enough that this isn't much of a problem if any as of now, but eventually we WILL face:
    • DDOS and other attacks
    • Spam
    • Flamewars and other needs for chat moderation
    • Other similar issues
  • So ~1000 + seems to be when this may kick in? Any cybersecurity experts/enthusiasts around?

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