Two Wheeled Velomobile

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  • A minimalist Velomobile made from a bicycle
  • Uses an All Wheel Drive Bicycle of either the mechanical or mechanical-electric design
  • Has a mostly enclosed fiberglass or carbon fiber aerodynamic shell
  • The shell aides aerodynamics, while also providing protection fromm the sun and rain (Which solves many of the commuting Problems of PTVs or Bicycles)
  • The two wheeled design resembbles a large bicyle or cargo bike and thus can access more places than a full Velomobile or Open Source Golf Cart
  • The mechanical or mechanical-electric design keeps cost down by requiring no fuel, and less electricity or none at all than other options

Industry Standards

Existing Open Source Designs

Minimum Viable Product

  • Can Cary:
    • 1 Adult and Light Cargo (Their Belongings (Like a Backpack/Breifcase/Purse) as well as minor errands like Groceries)
    • 2 Adults with Ultra Light Cargo (Slightly Less Belongings and Comfort (Rear Seat Added, Cargo Rack/Box Removed) )
    • 1 Adult and 1-2 Children with Slightly Less Belongings (Ultra Light Cargo) and Comfort (Rear Child Seats Added, Cargo Rack/Box Removed)
    • 1 Adult and Medium Cargo (Light Cargo + Cargo Rack/Net or TieDown/Box)
    • 1 Adult and Heavy Cargo (Medium Cargo + Cargo Trailer)
    • 2 Adults with Ultra Light Cargo and a Child Transport Trailor that holds ?x Children
    • 1 Adult adn 1-2 Children with Ultra Light Cargo and a Child Transport Trailor that holds ?x Children (This could be a mini van replacement for some suburb school dropoffs etc)
  • Saftey Features (Turning Signals, Lights, Reflectors)
  • AT LEAST air scoops like those used on sailboats (maybe solar evacuation fans and/or energy efficient ac or heat if you have money to spare
  • Thermoformed Plexiglass Windsheild, Cut Plexiglass Side and Rear Windows and Optional Moonroof
  • Ambidextrious Kick Stands
  • Foreward and Rear Footwell
  • Hot Swappable Batteries + Optional Solar + Optional Generator/Fuel Cell (Mechanical-Electric Option Only)
  • Falcon Wing Doors
  • Standardized Trailor Hitch
  • Optional Radio/Stereo and Rearview Camera
  • 52V or Higher Batteries (Mechanical-Electric Option Only)
  • Steering Bar Mounted Controls + Optional Touchscreen

Basic Design

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