Ukraine Reconstruction Program

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OSE Proposal

  • 10 CEB machines with soil mixers by end of 2023. Program fully up form first cohort of 24.
  • Crew of 240 crew leaders, with 6 crew leaders per house. Multiplies this by 4x capacity with local people and international volunteers.
  • Capacity of 40 crews.
  • USA operations provide cash flow and machine development
  • Machines are utilized in Ukraine
  • Output required - 500 sf grow home = 24*320 block. 8000 block per house. 500 block per hour - means 16 hours pressing/day, 2 shifts. House every 3 days. Enough block per house every day. 300 house capacity per year per machine, for 3000 houses with 10 CEBs.
  • 40 crews - each crew does 100 houses per year. 4000 houses per year labor available.
  • Now, how to scale this?
  • More machines, more people.
  • Electric power cubes - optimize for solar operation, 2 stage pumps. Some development there, needed for optimal pressing, likely 2-3x the throughput for the same energy.
  • Same machines do more throughput - 6000 houses.
  • 12 machines are $120k.
  • Tractors, power cubes, and universal equipment comes in to play on Solar Construction Trailer.

Russian Agreement

  • Russia pays all reparations for war damage.
  • Reparations are used to rebuild Ukraine
  • Marshall-Plan equivalent is set up for Russia. OSE plays a role in reconstruction with 240 full time OSE people setting up OSE campuses in 100 locations
  • Psychological healing is started for Radical Man integration, towards Integrated Humans
  • Russia joins the West in liberating China, North Korea, Iran, and other thugs