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  • The active design, and planning of the Urban Enviroment
  • Not just dealing with "inner city skyscrapers"
  • Often deals with Suburban Enviroments
  • Is this term applicable to rural areas?
    • What would the term be for this + homestead/farm layout planning (ie agricultural zone, residential zone, industrial zone IN THE FARM)
  • If done correctly the city works efficiently, and the citizens are happy and healthy
  • If done poorly, or not at all people tend to suffer
  • Some examples of this are areas of rapid growth that outpaced regulation and planning, such as the (forgot the name, grabbing it now) in central and south america in the latter half of the 20th century
    • Luckily this can be fixed and some areas are (definetly an area to explore)
      • See the "retrofitability" article/section in "New Urbanism" and the bit on that one city using it in "Aireal Ropeways"

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