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Man, born in Norway in 1976.

Former plumber, now teacher at a vocational college in Norway. I teach topics within the building process and HVAC.

My interest is generally the maker movement and collaborative culture, which I think is something for the future. More specific, I am interested in the WikiHouse concept and micro-/tiny-house design. I would like to develop designs for tinyhouses in collaboration with others.

I joined a makerspace in Oslo in january 2016, where I participated in training to use a laser cutter. I am looking forward to participate more in this environment, and start using the CNC machine they have at the premises.

My current plan is to first design a prototype for a tinyhouse that can be put on a trailer. Then I want to manufacture this small scale by using thin plywood and a laser cutter. If this looks promising, I'll want to build a tinyhouse and put it on a trailer.

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