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I often get ideas for projects, and most of them I quickly forget. It doesn't mean that they were bad though, just that I don't have the time or the means to work with them. All ideas are free for others to make use as long as designs are published on this wiki.

Pocket password keeper

I store my passwords encrypted on an USB key, as I think that they are best kept off-line. This is cumbersome, because it means that I have to access them with through a program on a PC. It would be nice to have the password stored on a small box with a display and a 0-9 keypad and some additional buttons (cancel/back, store, lock keypad). Letters could be entered through the number keys, like pre-smartphones. Account information would be stored encrypted on a SD-card, which could be ejected and accessed on a PC. This box could be made quite small with a Raspberry Pi, or maybe a Arduino. The biggest obstacle, as I see it, would be to find a suitable rechargeable battery for it.

Lightweight, modular, easy to manufacture and assemble tent to use for work space, garage, etc.

As I would like to have a shielded space to work with bigger projects, I would like to see plans for a modular tent system which would be easy to manufacture, assemble and raise.