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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, with an Emphasis in Science.

Amateur interest in chemistry, toxicology, healthcare.

I come here interested in optimal solutions to problems like sustainability and natural resource allocation/management. I'd like to characterize neoliberal philosophy and vulture capitalism's harms to the family unit and society, and look to facilitate a transition to a better way.

Specific work I'd like to contribute here include: Development of an web interface to facilitate optimal cost supply chain solutions (for OSE distributed economy products and dependencies). One visualization/dashboard being a world map, with interaction. Including work such as querying for shipping cost from shipping companies on behalf of vendors, automated natural language understanding of customs/regulations, and combinatoric math algorithms for minimization/maximization (e.g. minimal cost, minimal CO2 emissions, alternative suggestions). Also front end for work-needed quotes. Other projects as time/interest allows.