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Perhaps better categorization of pages into the taxonomy would help enhance navigation of this wiki: CategoryTree.

With the tree navigable from the wiki sidebar via this MediaWiki plugin: mediawikiwiki:Extension:TreeAndMenu. Or how Appropedia has theirs set up: Appropedia:Appropedia:CategoryTree.

Worker Cooperative

I am interested in worker owned companies. Trying to compile resources to assist in their formation.

Laura Flanders and Professor Richard D. Wolff speak a lot about worker coops on YouTube.


Software Tools

FreeCAD Real Time Collaboration

From my brief analysis:

  • Store the FCStd file in git uncompressed (in own directory).
  • Use libgit2 with custom XML merge driver.
  • Make new workbench or augment existing ones with new drop down menu entries to handle git operations (push/pull).
  • At some interval check for updates to origin.
  • Handle real time transactions on top of that (e.g. real time cursor/updates you see in google-docs):
    • Could make cloud service to handle real time data transfer if neither network supports UPNP. Or only support UPNP compliance.
    • Handle locking/unlocking of essentially unmergable assets (e.g. 3D mesh). As well as visual representation changes to others with same file open.
    • Other features as needed.

Analysis of existing solutions and future work: FreeCAD_Sync_Proposal

FreeCAD Snapping of off the shelf parts like Vention

From a very brief look:

  • Use constraints and solver from FreeCAD's Assembly3.
  • Use FreeCAD's part library. Augment with 'snap point' and parametric resizing data somehow, somewhere.
  • Overload/script somewhere within FreeCAD to handle the snapping/resizing functionality, perhaps within Assembly3 workbench?

OSE Supply Chain Interface

  • Interface for customers.
  • I think this would help with adaptation/feasibility of many OSE concepts... distribution of the means of production, minimize shipping emissions/cost, etc.

Adobe Brick

Have adobe brick building built around 1870ish. Brick wall is about 14' tall at highest on the crest of roof. Interesting sand/rock foundation and sandy mortar. Original builder couldn't believe it was still standing after he left and came back a number of years later. His journal is online. Still standing 150 years later.

Clay has no organic content. Clay deposits were deposited from Lake Bonneville. Lots of local limestone. I'm confused as kiln industry didn't start up till a decade or so later in this valley, so I'm not sure how these bricks are stabilized (water doesn't permeate more than a few mm, even after a 24 hour submersion). Maybe additive carted from 80+ miles away? Or something intrinsic to the clay?

The sandy mortar seems to help quickly drain water, but the issue is the sandy mortar liquefies if it gets too wet. I didn't know it was adobe and left a rainbird that hit a wall for a couple days... caused some damage.

Could look into storing electricity in the bricks. I suppose there may be a lot of leakage current when damp, but I'd imagine it'd be superfluous energy stored in the bricks anyway.

Power Electronics

This looks like a good, feature rich platform, Volttron. Would be interesting to see if there is a hardware reference implementation available to the public in their DOE Data Management Plan (couldn't find at a glance elsewhere). Volttron Overview Volttron Scalability

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