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CK Sock Test 1904 First Run.jpeg


Building a small machine to test sock size fabric




April 20, 2019

  • cast on and ran first run
    • p4 yarn holder with rounded ramps seems to work pretty good
      • yarn moving smoothly down and under the hooked section
      • might remove 0.5 or 1mm from p4 gap height
    • need to figure out how to do micro stepping on drivers
      • lots of skipped steps and hang ups
    • still seems to be a diver overheating problem, will get heatsink and fan
      • hang ups increasing with run time/temperature it seems
    • seems there are a few needles that dont want to slide easily
      • need to disassemble and diagnose - sand paper on p2 inserts?
      • causing motors to hang up especially bad in certain spots
      • they dont seem to hang up as bad when machine is spinning ccw, not sure why?
    • smaller space between needles seems to be okay, no apparent problems
      • UPneedle2needle=9.12985;

Photos -

April 19, 2019

  • got lasercut parts
  • assembled machine
    • new mountain design idea is not able to be removed easily
      • have to remove needles or disassemble plates
    • claws on p4 yarn holder have holes that are relatively too big
      • lower half is snapping off below the outer hole
      • could make smaller holes? or remove outer hole, bolt only through inner side?
    • aluminum angle iron holder needs some tweaking
      • when tightened all the way, begins to expand and let go around corner
      • maybe trim less on the internal side, make wiggle room larger
      • coud possible have a square nut in mountain to insert bolt on side
      • change to square nuts for back side, have to dissasemble machine to insert 30mm bolt
    • Need to make nut insert on Z bearing holder a little bigger
  • Might add a M3 clevis bolt/hook to c4 paperclip holder
    • might help even weight?

April 16, 2019

  • got 3D printed parts
  • waiting on laser cut parts to ship

April 6, 2019

  • ordered cut parts from sculpteo
    • $88