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visited creation flame for a few days.

going to start building my steam engine design. will do as much as possible in tulsa. thad is working on a new electronics package to use with power cube and going to try and use for steam engine as well.

read something about turning off water while shampooing on the back of a bottle, thought it might make sense to put a foot petal on the water.


learned how to do laser printer transfer pcb etching

  • made 2 detroit boards for texas
  • updated wiki on process a little

going to design a sensor board to replace the reprap breakout board with allen from forum and perhaps william

i have an appointment at the tulsa fab lab 10/13/2011

had a setback with my prusa, stepper motors i got were made in china, not korea as listed, gotta return them. found some others made in japan i think, waiting on customer service reply. [1]

started setting up a cpu w/ ubuntu for reprap


prep for making some detroit boards + full documentation

  • made two sets and sent back to fef
  • started documenting process
  • waiting on tulsa fab lab to open for business to cut two more boards for texas folks

slowly working on a personal prusa

  • S. Korean stepper motors on back order

prep for making a Snap-Lock

  • got a 24x48x1/2 hdpe sheet
  • ordered a bit for shopbot to use when tulsa fab lab opens

prep for experimenting with solenoids

  • spooled up a few for practice
  • need to figure out power sourcing

light wiki editing

  • did a little towards measurizing ceb model


wired 4 ceb press control boxes (exluding arduinos)

assisted adam with clearing & roof

made some ceb sensor assemblies with cody