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Email address for anyone who wants the docs on the nife battery papers is . Sorry they can't be legally shared on the wiki.

WHY are you motivated to to support/develop this work?

I support open source in general because it has such potential to prevent predatory and shading behaviour on the part of the wealthy i.e. designing products for obsolescence etc., which only profits at the expense of the rest of us, not by mutually beneficial trade.

Shading behaviour consists of keeping resources away from the rest of us in such a way that is provides no direct benefit or even costs them something, the purpose being to maintain their dominant position so that they can continue to prey upon us.

What can you/have you contributed to the development of OSE?

I have done some research for the nife batteries project, and am trying to do various things to improve the operational and organizational side of things.

HOW can you help?

The way I have so far been helping, mostly, research, exploring the design space, helping organize the wiki etc. In the future I may be able to do some prototyping. I am learning AutoCAD 2011 and python too.