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It all started with an email from the British-Austrian Club of Klagenfurt to four different native English speakers. One of them was me. These speakers were invited to interpret a presentation about 'ecological open sewers' at Klagenfurt University.

The only response to this came from me - the oldest 'young entrepreneur' in Carinthia (Austrian province): I simply wanted to find out more about it. I was already interested in environmental issues, and because of my 12-year stay in Southeast Asia, I was used to stuff like open sewers, so I asked for a meeting to explain my role in this and find out more.

A few hours and some resolved misunderstandings later I already decided a bit to jump on the Open Source Ecology train.

When I then met Marcin in person at the lecture and saw the whole scope of his project and the intention and theory and practise behind it, the little flame of curiosity turned into a fire of enthusiasm.

So I really (and literaly) jumped on the train and started to keep Marcins company for the rest of the trip. Why? Because "Yes we can!"

see the train video:

More than that, I decided to join the small community and go to Factor E Farm as a "village elder". Spend one month there in summer and see if things work out.

But an elder needs appropriate dwelling, and so a new project was born: an "open source architecture projectition" to build a house during my stay according to imaginations and needs that a "normal" person has - with the means and in the setting of Factor E Farm. With this project I seek to demonstrate in person how you and you can have a good life in the not too distant future, supported by the power of local resources and global cooperation!

Here I am....challenging myself and challenging you to make it happen and going for another adventure in my life! If you are an architect, user, fan: write me if and how you would like to contribute to this adventure!

see Inga's House