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I grew up playing sports and generally lived a normal childhood. I always had an interest in the sciences and technology. I wasn't the best academic but I was always able to learn quite well on my own. Throughout my education, the "why" always seemed to be missing or left out. When my family bought our first computer, I became the computer repair and maintenance person. Generally, my continued experience with computers led me to the path which I'm on today. I finished 3 years of University working toward my BA in Computer Science before I dropped out. From there I worked a series off jobs that were in the IT industry until I was able to begin working in the Telecommunications and Contact Center sector. Since then, I've become more skeptical and conscious of the illogical and wasteful way myself and other live feeding a system that will eventually throw us out once we are used up. This led me to found my company with the intention of bettering the system we live with and empower others to do the same. I find myself to be a generalizing specialist. I have many interests, many things I have researched or have dabbled in and other skills which I feel are excellent.


  • Web/Software Development
  • Server Administration/Infrastructure/Cloud Computing
  • Database Administration/Design
  • IT Networking/Security
  • Technical Documentation
  • Data Analytics


  • Electrical Engineering
  • Political/Economic Reform
  • Philosophy
  • Herbal Science/Herbalism
  • Fitness/Nutrition
  • Sustainable/Regenerative Communities
  • Agriculture/Ecology/Smart Gardening
  • Data Science