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Jeremy Log

About Me

I have been following OSE for many years and it is exciting to finally join as a contributer!

I have a Bachelor's degree in Operations Management. Work experience in high volume food production, web development, property management, and residential construction, and a long history of involvement in agriculture. I have a passion for my Family, learning, DIY/DIT and reading.


Jeremy is the first newly trained instructor from the Open Source Microfactory STEAM January Camp program. With a background in Operations and Quality Assurance in automated food production environments, Jeremy has been involved in mentoring and onboarding new people to processes and automation for much of his career. He is now focusing on introducing beginners to digital fabrication and automation at Open Source Microfactory STEAM events. He finds incredible fulfillment in creating, problem solving and optimizing! In his downtime, Jeremy can be found working with his bees, and dreaming/planning an automated farm.

OSE has the potential to revolutionize production and skills distribution across all levels of society. Specifically, he thinks the skills taught in the STEAM Camps provides a whole new perspective on how to make "stuff" and empowers participants to join in the Open Source Hardware effort and contribute to society outside of typical commercial processes. He wants to provide these tools to anyone interested, and specifically those who are at a stage where they are trying to determine what course their life will take. These workshops open the door into an entire field of work that is extremely rewarding, has a very low barrier to entry, and can provide a fulfilling path towards financial independence.

I am excited to learn and grow as a part of OSE.