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Lex Berezhny

OSE Developer based in Grafton, NH, USA. I'm interested in self-sufficiency and being able to fix my tools.

What I'm working on

  1. PLA, ABS, HDPE (and hopefully PETE) ecology path: Shredder -> Extruder -> 3D Printer -> Shredder
  2. Redesigning OSEDev to add market functionality and other features
  3. continuing on OSEDev freecad workbench
  4. working on ERC20 coin for OSE (or possibly a bitcoin based fork)

Hardware Plan

My long term plan is to build a Microfactory and Factory.

Circuit Boards

The first product I want to manufacture and sell are circuit boards.

Robot Board:

  • SiFive Freedom E310 SoC

Aluminum Forge

Side project is to build a aluminum forge and start amassing ingots made from aluminum cans.

Experiment with and document making various alloys and their properties. Also heat treating.


  1. Setup rolling mill and make some aluminum wire from ingots.
  2. Drill Press:
    • purchase steel pipe
    • forge base and other parts from aluminum
    • 3d print any other components
    • attaching drill i already own
  3. DC Motor from scratch:
  4. Lathe:
    • aluminum forged body
    • hand made dc motor
    • buy any components that can't be forged from aluminum or 3D printed in plastic
  5. Stepper motor:
    • building on experience of DC motor
  6. Shopaid:
    • uses my own stepper motors, dc motors, robot board
    • 3d print + forge mobile base
    • purchase steel pipe for vertical structure
    • purchase cameras for vision

Other Projects




Jack of all trades and expert in Python / Django, Dart, PostgreSQL and Linux.

All the stuff I've picked up from 2015 & 2017 OSE tractor build workshops (welding, torching, grinding, cutting/drilling, etc).

Fluent in Ukrainian and Russian.