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July 22, 2015

Direct modeling CAD systems (SketchUp) can be made more precise and predictable by adding some facility for parameterization, this technique is called: Variational Direct Modeling

For an even broader overview of why variational direct modeling is a way forward: Direct Modeling - Who and Why Needs It? A Review of Competitive Technologies

A potential open source direct modeling CAD application should have this feature.

July 19, 2015

Researching the implementation of an Operational Transform web based CAD system.

Purchased a copy of this paper: Operational transformation for dependency conflict resolution in real-time collaborative 3D design systems

Which discusses a few specific OT functions necessary to deal with graphs of dependent objects, essentially this resolves some issues related to multiple people editing inter-dependent parametric data at the same time and how to merge conflicting operations.

Full size "mech warrior" robots, could be re-purposed to do construction/agricultural work...

Also, PhD Thesis on walking robots: Robust Execution of Bipedal Walking Tasks From Biomechanical Principles