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  • The wiki category system allows authors to group related pages together.
  • The header templates build on the category system to provide a means for the reader to navigate to pages of interest.
  • The category system is an ongoing process; as content is added, the category system will be refactored.
  • The category system can be refactored by making changes only to the category pages and category header templates. The navigation headers for individual pages will automatically change along with the categories.

Design principles

  1. Every page has a "primary" category
    • This page has the primary category Wiki
  2. Every page has a navigation header based on its primary category
    • This page has the header HdrWiki
    • Pages may have multiple categories, but only one header
  3. Every category has a header
    • The Wiki category has a header named HdrWiki
    • The header template lists the supercategories Main => Major category => Minor category => This category
    • Followed by the subcategories, if any, in parentheses: (Subcategory 1, Subcategory 2)
    • Every category has a link to its header template


  • Markup for this page's header
'''[[Main Page|Main]] => [[:Category:Other|Other]] ([[:Category:Wiki|Wiki]])'''

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