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2014 Workshop at Factor e Farm

During the 2014 Velocar Workshop, we prototyped the carbon fiber wheels and some precision frame components.

Velocarworkshop7.jpg Velocarworkshop1.jpg

Since then, a new motor has been selected, and major development work occurred on the power electronics. The current challenge is building/obtaining a Hardware-in-Loop system for testing the power electronic system. This is a typical step of power electronics testing that the professionals do - without putting live loads on the system during testing as way to perform destructive testing without destroying the real (and expensive) hardware.


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Welcome to the Velocar Adventure

Velocar is our attempt at a desirable and open solution to a global problem, the sustainability of our current mode of transportation: big & fat oil powered cars.

As an open community working in distributive economics (thanks to OS Ecology), we feel the urge to make our knowledge available to as many people as possible.

Without english, we know it won't spread like it could on the internet.

We are looking for anyone sincerely interested or seriously competent with state of the OPEN art in

  • car design
  • mecatronics ,
  • knowledge management ,
  • lean manufacturing ,
  • entreprise architecture

... to make the best Velocar for the world to enjoy :)

If any of these fields suit you, "Reply" on (or just click on the picture below), and propose your help to become contributor.

Thanks a lot and see you soon !

Yann L.

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Wheel Molds

Download STEP


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