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Core Videos

  1. Shorten Sketchup_Lesson_3 from 17 to about 5 minutes by simple editing down - possibly voiceover to make it smoother.

More Videos

  1. Proof of learning Sketchup in 2 hours by taking 3 novices and documenting the process, a la - Meet suzy. She is a secretary at Coca Cola. She is not computer savvy. When she gets on Facebook, she first Googles for the site... We figured she would be a perfect candidate for exploring whether a person could really learn Sketchup in 2 hours...' (This actually makes me think of captive audiences such as prisoners - if we could distribute laptops and HydraFabbers to them, they could be our prototyping force and workforce training program for the next economy.)
  2. Simple animations by Piotr Lugowski - ala - here is box tubing - this is how a frame comes together - give animation to Rob.
  3. GrabCAD Video Instructional
  4. Prezi Video Instructional
  5. Rapid Prototyping Crash Training