Rapid Prototyping Crash Training

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Under Development as of 6.1.13


2 Week Crash Course Covering

  • Rob -
  • OSE's LifeTrac Construction Set design paradigm.
  • How to Document
    • Spreadsheet of Critical Concept Items
    • Spreadsheet of Technical Development Items
    • Script to convert Spreadsheet input to wiki-embeddable display of windows. See Documentation Platform Criteria.
    • Curated packages uploaded to Github, with Howto file linking to relevant wiki pages
  • Sketchup CAD design and generation of 3D printing and DXF cutting files.
  • Crash academy in generation of animations going from Sketchup to Blender animations - Piotr Lugowski
  • Crash course in Instructionals generation starting with Script, Khan-Academy Style Instructionals, and Popcorn Maker upgrade.
  • Crash course in Documentation by posting a Concept Design and Technical Design page for a given project on the wiki
  • Manual plasma cutting
  • TIG and MIG welding
  • Acetylene torch cutting
  • Mag drilling
  • Ironworker machine operation
  • Power Cube operation
  • LifeTrac Operation.
  • Building a CNC controller for the brick press via a CNC Circuit Mill starting from raw schematic files
    • Crash course in open source/free toolchain for circuits - define it
  • Operating the CNC torch table starting from the design of a custom part.
  • Operating HydraFabber to produce a 3D print of a piece of 3/8" tubing starting from scratch, and to cut a 3/8" piece of tubing from card stock using diode laser cutter
  • Building a CNC circuit mill from scratch
  • Building a CNC 4-stepper motor controller of 1-5A capacity from scratch using RAMPS system
  • Operating the manual lathe and mill


  • Starting a LifeTrac seeded with several failure modes that the student is required to identify and correct prior to starting the tractor
  • Starting up a MIG welder to weld 1/2" steel from a starting point of setup, including gas, wire feed, proper gas feed, and correct power settings


one idea

It may be a nice for you to hold occasional educational sessions. You could turn your hydraulics, modular design, welding, etc. classes into a sort of boot camp people would pay to attend. Many years ago I went to a really great 3 week production workshop in Madrid that included talks, discussion groups and hands-on development - that might be a good model if want to do that sort of thing. But I'd say this is not a priority for you now, unless you really want the revenue.