Waste System Design Guide

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This is part of Integrated Food and Waste Management System (IFWMS).

  • Understanding purification capacity of different media:
  • Vermipost medium biological loading rate per volume
  • Anaerobic medium biological loading rate
  • Thermophilic decomposition loading rate
  • Charcoal loading rates
  • Ozone purification loading rates
  • Chlorine disinfection rates
  • Filter medium loading rates
  • Clay and ceramic filter percolation rates
  • Sand filter rates
  • Biological uptake by azolla and duckweed
  • Algal growth rates
  • Processing food waste through pigs and chickens
  • Fertilization rates via septic fertigation
  • Fungal decomposition rates in woodchips
  • Oxidation in water via air stones
  • Waste production per day: human carbon dioxide, urine, and feces
  • Intake per day: oxygen, water, food, nutrients