We're Looking for Aspiring Farmer Scientists

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Fri Feb 16, 2024

AKA One World Schoolhouse like one room schoolhouse Do you want to change the world for a living? Do you want to build a new world? We can teach you to build a house. We can teach you to build machines. We can teach you automation that frees everybody to pursue what they truly want. We start with house building - a fundamental need. We end with civilization building - because the current one needs major reconstruction. We are looking for people with a farmer work ethic who are interested in lifelong learning. That means learning to build things, learning about society and civilization to the point of creating fundamental solutions to pressing world issues. If this sounds like something that you'd like to do for a living, keep listening.

We are looking for young people preferably in the 16 year to 24 year range to join us in traveling to the Edge of Knowledge. What? As we learn to build things, we learn to see the power of production, and therefore the power to change the world. That means we need to know how the world works - by forming accurate mental models of reality and learning how to learn. In the computer age, all the information in the world is free. The task becomes knowing how to use it effectively, with a compass that leads us to improve everyone's life. Thus we focus on 3 things: building things, and learning how to learn - and learning open collaboration that gets us to improve the lives of everybody.