Welding-Proof Materials

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  • Assuming it is either large enough to adsorb + radiate/conduct heat away it shouldn't melt/become ductile so works in many applications
  • Main issue is electrical + thermal conductivity
  • Also gradual oxidation / "burning" leading to failure of pins and other small components

Leather / Leather Like Materials

  • Leather is essentially *skin that has been chemically modified to not rot*, it can char and acts as a sort of Ablative Material + Insulator + Cut Resistant Material all in one
  • Leather Like Materials (NOT Pleather as that is just plastic designed to look/feel like leather, not act like it in engineering applications) are either Cell Culture Based, or can also be Biomaterials processed in a similar manner to similar properties
    • SCOBY Leather is the main example
    • These also have the advantage of being able to be in near infinite sheets and rolls, rather than being limited to the size + shape of corpse you can get
    • Also removes any ethical issues and *may* reduce cost (Pile of factors, and agricultural subsidies and whatnot in play, as well as Economies of Scale )

Insulation and Fire Retardant Materials

Things that may ordinarily burn such as Cotton / Reformed Cellulose and Plastics can be used if they are made to contain Fire Retardant Additives and/or are made insulating enough that heat + fire can not propagate far from the spark/slag

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