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  • This page goes over the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) needed for Welding
  • The main difference is the unique heat (conductive from splatter, as well as radiant from the Arc Flash )
  • Thus most aspects (at least those closer to the arc/"splash zone" such as the hands and arms, other areas are less demanding materials wise, granted this depending on many factors) need to be made of "Welding-Proof Materials" (Want a better page, but that will have to do for now)

Head + Shoulders

Top of Head

  • Some sort of Welding Cap, Hat, Durag (Piles of spelling variations for that) / Bandanna to protect forehead, hair, and partially theneck from Arc Flash + Spatter


  • Safety Glasses (General Shop Requirement + Extra Protection from Sparks/Splatter if they get past the welding hood) (Can also be tinted to protect eyes from others arc flash, and cutting/grinding while the welding hood is up
  • Welding Hood (Protects from arc flash, and dims the light allowing the arc and Weld Puddle to be visible)
  • Safety Goggles (Needed under certain circumstances and *guarantees* eye protection from sparks/splatter) (Some glasses have thicker sides and thus are a good comprimise in most situations=


  • High (and Buttoned!) Collar (- Decent Protection, but not Perfect, adequate in most situations, but can allow for some sparks/spatter to "sneak by")
  • Welding Shroud (Akin to the hood of a hoodie/sweatshirt, but with drawstrings and just the neck portion) (*Welding hoodie when*) Covers head and shoulders completely, only downside is overheating (and aesthetics if that matters to some!)


  • A Dust Mask can block and sparks/splatter that comes under the welding hood from going into your mouth!
  • If a fume extractor / *very* well ventilated work area are not being used a Respirator or PAPR should be used

All-in-One Solutions

  • PAPR Welding Helmets / SCUBA Welding Helmets Supplied Air Welding Helmets
    • Provide clean air (and to a certain extent cooling!), usually full shielding of head/neck via a shroud and in some an enclosed "space suit" kind of helmet vs a "hood" with exposed rear and sides
    • Tend to be *very* expensive (Need to see material + certification costs vs markup etc)

Arms + Hands

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