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Sat Jul 9, 2022

Integrity Certification.

Thu Jul 7, 2022

Join the enlightenment but suspend your disbelief, open up your third eye, but stop at pseudoscience and conspiracy theory.

Wed Jul 6, 2022

Because we want to solve all pressing world issues. How? By creating an opportunity for any transformer to work on transformation full time. Transforming the trillion dollar education market - Market Size. It is for the sake of those without hope that hope is given. Collaboratively and inclusively with an attitude of lifelong learning. To produce new infrastructures by imagining new systems and building infrastructures. As Integrated Humans. Must think and do. Must action tank - intellectualize, socialize,build. To act politically conscious, not sleepwalking. Application Essay: what do you think is the greatest issue in the world, and how would you like to solve it. How? Open Sourcing the Economy. Meaning transparent access to digitize all of the material economy to make it producible all in one microfactory. About 1000x efficiency increase in industrial production. Noting that: what will everybody do? Unjob as cost of living goes to zero. The OSE University shows how you can build a lifestyle where you live for free. But not a freeloader.


Because we want to solve housing.