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WHich wire strippers work for USA house wiring (Romex)?

Irwin Vise Grip strippers, the best semipro strippers - fail miserably at 14/2 romex and larger. At best mixed results. See [1].

Review of Knipex NexStrip, very expensive stripper-cutter-crimper with wide range of wire size.

12-72-190 - [2]

Does the Knipex standard work as well? 12-62-180 - not adjustable:


Seems to work.

12 42 195 -l [3]. Has replaceable blades.

12 52 195 - PreciStrip [4]. Precision adjustable. Mfg website - [5]. But - DOES NOT WORK FOR ROMEX (THHN, harder wire insulation) - only for Eurosoft. Search for review with Romex. [6]. They explicitly recommend 12-62-80 - the non-adjustable version.

Check.png12-64-180 but only to 14 ga - for exterior of Romex [7]. This review states that the expensive multi NexStrip starts to fail above ga 10 for heavy insulation wires. Not for gauge greater than 14? Says 2.5 mm sq for max wire. BUT 12-64-180 works only up to 14 ga!

Klein [8] is also mentioned here [9]. The Klein review says these work great on the jacket - and decent on individual wires. We want individual wire perfection.

Check.png12-62-180 seems to work - [10]. Amazon results for Romex are excellent up to 12 gauge [11]


  • Klein 11061 did go right through 14 ga romex [12]. Only $21 - [13]. Review says explicitly it did not work on 12 ga Romex.