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In the video [1] above, a single computer or tablet can start jobs wirelessly on a number of 3D printers. The usefulness of this lies in not having to walk back and forth to insert SD cards for untethered printing. In the case above, the file is uploaded to the RAMPS system, and the printer runs on its own. Since the wireless is not streaming - but only a one-time upload to the SD card of the RAMPS - this constitutes a reliable way to print. Effectively, a single computer can be used to control an entire print cluster, each machine using its own IP address.

To convert the OSE Universal Controller to wireless connection for 3D printing - here is the detailed procedure.


Just get a Wireless SD card, no need to modify anything.

Junk It Implementations

  • Chris Riley - [2]

BLuetooth Streaming

Note that this is streaming, which is not desirable. We want stand-alone from the RAMPS SD card.