Work That Makes a Difference

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  1. Does your work change the paradigm of the economic system from proprietary to collaborative, or does it maintain a lack of Humility?
  2. Does your work shift the design process from proprietary to collaborative - or does it promote hoarding of information so that best practices are not in general accessible?
  3. Does your work contribute to an historic transfer of wealth from the few to the many, or does it not have much impact on the Gini Coefficient?
  4. Does your work contribute to the circular economy, or does it promote supply chain instability ?
  5. Does your work contribute to lifetime design, as opposed to short material lifespans typical of consumerism and extractive resource use?
  6. Does the work fundamentally respect material abundance, or does it violate the laws of physics? (Basic physics says that the Earth gets 10,000 times more power from the sun than we use today, meaning that energy is abundant, and therefore, material resource transformation ability from raw to usable is abundant.