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In order for OSE's machines to be built using a replicable enterprise model, certain efficiencies have to be achieved. This includes mainly efficiencies of production - as well as efficiencies of managing a build from marketing to build.

The key enabling feature of OSE's XM is its One Day motto. In other words - we can build a heavy machine in one day - as opposed to a week or month that it may typically take in a custom fabrication scenario. We are effectively building custom machines with production line efficiencies.

For an XM event to be financially sustainable, the organizational part must be equally efficient. This means that the organizing part must also take on the order of day in terms of time. In reality, we predict a 3 day preparation cycle and a 1-3 day build cycle. The 3 day build cycle applies to events where travel is involved.

The preparation time should be broken roughly into 1 day of postings creation + materials ordering, one day to execute a marketing campaign, and one day of customer service. Such efficiencies take years to develop, but in the true spirit of open source - once these efficiencies are developed, one can learn to replicate such events much more rapidly.

Event prepartion techniques can be assisted by using templates, marketing automation, and an effective platform for customer relationship building. Rough ideas on marketing strategy are shown at D3D Marketing Plan.

Efficiency Improvements

Here we are keeping track of time to stabilize the enterprise model.

3D Printer Workshop

  • July 2017 - it took 2 weeks to stabilize the 13" prototype by extensive testing of a print cluster, which is ongoing in August 2017.
  • Cluster is being used for printing parts for new printers.
  • A printing service is planned for September, after over 1000 hours of print testing
  • As of July 2017, with the sourcing and techology stabilized, it takes one day to order parts for 24 printers.