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Extreme Manufacturing Notes

See Extreme Manufacturing and Scrum


  • Process can be adapted to all parts of development process for the Open Source Economy:
    • Organizational infrastructure
    • Advisory Board development
    • Strategic Development
    • Development of one of 50 technologies
    • Factor e Farm development
      • Land Stewardship
      • Production
      • Post-scarcity village development
    • Global Collaboration Development
    • Resource Development
    • Recruiting
    • Lean Platform Development
  • Before project starts - stake holder defines MMF and recruits Scrum Master. For scalability, an Organization is set up to facilitate a generalized XM platform - an organization for open hardware as Wikimedia Foundation is to open knowledge.
  • XM can be applied at the level of: (1), a product; (2), one of its components; (3) the organization; or (4), parts of the organiziation.
  • All steps of XM development process can occur simultaneously - delivering unprecedented development velocity. See Rugby approach: development overlaps across several stages of development.
  • Under Resource Expandability Scenario (volunteer contributions), projects can be started as soon as Definition of Ready and Definition of Done is provided.
    • If development effort is not based on voluntary contributions, then a budgeting procedure must be included.


  • If design is separated from build, cost increases - with reference to Open Capitalist Platform. How to incorporate rapid delivery into Open Capitalist Platform.
  • Assure integration via Contract-First Manufacturing (CFM)
  • Process: Breakdown -> CFM -> Test-Driven Manufacturing (TDM)
    • TDM=Before any prototyping occurs, a test is defined to measure success of that prototyping
  • MMF - Minimum Marketable Feature. Minimum definition required for beginning of development.
  • Definition of Ready - definition of MMF. Ex. Replication of Wikispeed Car
  • Definition of Done - Definition of project 'end' (constant evolution happens, so there is never an 'end' in open source development. Ex: 100mpg equivalent 2 passenger pelletized biomass-fueled Wikispeed car

Quality Control

When volunteer effort is present, an internal quality control mechanism exists: people spend their own energy, so they are accountable to themselves for achieves results. This situation is different if the project provides funding - "or opens up its wallet and shuts its mouth" to provide full autonomy to the team.

To address quality control in an externally-funded (external to the resources of the development team itself), we propose XM Review conducted by the Scrum Master.


Platform and Steps