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  • Worked on on-site assessment of cnc circuit mill prototype 1
  • Worked on preparing for monthlong return to Canada


  • Worked on visa process
  • Worked on CNCCM specifications
  • Handled some inter-project issues


  • Worked on CNCCM specifications
  • Worked on cnccmv2. Sleeve bearing mount method refined.


  • Worked on cnccmv2. Simplified sleeve bearing usage.
  • Worked on visa process


  • Took video of prototype 1 testing, edited blog post.
  • Worked on prototype 2 design.


  • Worked on prototype 2 design. Platform concept complete.
  • Worked on prototype 1 blog post.


  • Worked on prototype 2 design. Discrete component layout complete.


  • Worked on categorization documentation
  • Worked on circuit mill documentation
  • Worked on prototype 2 design


  • Completed CNC Circuit Mill Prototype Version 1. Tested for jogging in all 3 axes and spindle.
  • Worked on documentation
  • Worked on prototype 2 changes


  • Worked on installing leadscrews. Complete.
  • Worked on improving Z axis alignment. Done.
  • Worked on improving X axis alignment.
  • Tested step motor jogging while coupled to leadscrew. Success!


  • Worked on integration of structural assemblies. Y-Z, Platform, Z-Spindle, and Cube integrated.
  • Worked on installing leadscrews


  • Worked on alignment issues due to use of different templates halfway through the manufacturing process.


  • Worked on circuit mill structural assembly. Y-Z, Platform, and Z-Spindle Complete.


  • Worked on phase 2 templates. Completed.
  • Worked on component pilot holes. Completed.


  • Worked on turning spindle shaft. Spindle shaft-bearing compatibility resolved.
  • Worked on cutting redesign components. Completed.
  • Worked on fabricating phase 1 templates. Completed.
  • Worked on taking pictures for datum edge-inclusive process. Pictures in cnc circuit mill manufacturing instructions.


  • Worked on fabricating couplings and collars for cnc circuit mill. All shaft collars completed. All couplings mostly done.
  • Worked on cad reference resources. Discrete component separation complete for cube system.


  • Worked on fabricating couplings and collars for cnc circuit mill


  • Worked on coding for CEB Press
  • Worked on preparing mini metal lathe


  • Ordered redesign parts for cnc circuit mill


  • Worked on manufacturing plan of redesign for Y-Z, Platform, and Z-Spindle of Circuit Mill


  • Worked on redesign of Y-Z, Platform, and Z-Spindle of the CNC Circuit Mill


  • Completed Cube Assembly


  • Resolved Leadscrew Nut Mounting Problem
  • Drilled All Sleeve Bearing and Leadscrew Nut Mounting Holes
  • Mounted Sleeve Bearings
  • Worked on Frame; ready for assembly
  • Worked on Shaft-BallBearing Incompatibility


  • Resolved Shaft-SleeveBearing Incompatibility
  • Reamed frame to insert sleeve bearings
  • Worked on improving alignment through different template usage
  • Worked on streamlining manufacturing process for shorter timing


  • Redesigned parts of circuit mill frame
  • Worked on frame hole drilling. Leadscrew nut and sleeve bearing mounting holes remaining.


  • Redesigned and fabricated angle template
  • Completed all angle pilot holes


  • Completed Non-frame Parallel Pilot holes


  • Completed Frame Parallel Pilot Holes


  • Worked on template manufacturing. Bar template complete.
  • Worked on revising manufacturing process


  • Received Mcmaster shipment
  • Received metal for circuit mill
  • Cut frame and template pieces
  • Laid bricks


  • Worked on circuit mill manufacturing preparation
  • Laid bricks


  • Worked on software, GRBL + Gctrl compatibility and electronics integration complete
  • Worked on structural system manufacturing process
  • Laid bricks


  • Worked on software, GRBL process mostly done
  • Documented circuit mill software process
  • Laid bricks


  • Worked on electronics, complete


  • Redesigned circuit mill electronics
  • Received adafruit electronics shipment
  • Worked on electronics, halfway done


  • Finished stepper wires for circuit mill
  • Worked on software system for circuit mill


  • Worked on organization standards
  • Worked on circuit mill electronics
  • Researched off-shelf lathes


  • Laid bricks
  • Researched mini metal lathes
  • Prepared for circuit mill electronics assembly
  • Received stepper motors and dc motor for circuit mill


  • Laid bricks
  • Researched lathes
  • Summarized cnc circuit mill mechanical assembly
  • Worked on circuit mill manufacturing preparation


  • Worked on circuit mill tools and materials. Established pre-confirmation status for sourcing.
  • Worked on ironworker design equations.


  • Worked on circuit mill dimensions. Mostly done (mainly axes setup confirmation and spindle remaining).
  • Worked on tools, software, and materials requirements for the preparation of the circuit mill manufacturing.
  • Worked on circuit mill software compatibility/usage.
  • Worked on workshop column laying.


  • Worked on circuit mill dimensions. Halfway done.
  • Worked on circuit mill manufacturing instructions. Fabrication text v0.1 done.
  • Worked on integrated analysis of structural component choice. Angle and square tube templates along with angle frame established.
  • Worked on circuit mill conceptualization. Full conceptual design v2 established.
  • Contacted Circuit Specialists to organize power supply order.
  • Checked order tracking for jameco. Due 12/1/2012 from UPS Ground.
  • Received Pololu electronics order.
  • Worked on laying compressed earth bricks and strengthening/covering them with cement-sand-hemp mixture.


  • Worked on circuit mill conceptualization. Full conceptual design v1 established.
  • Weighed major frame component decison, tubing vs angle. Square tubing established for the following advantages: easier match drilling, good angle template compatibility, resolution of Y-Z and Z-Spindle integration. Disadvantage: Motor mounting requires other structural components (ex. bar, angle), clamp required for bar template compatibility.
  • Researched component availability to aid in integrated circuit mill development. Reduced number of source required.
  • Weighed component uniformity for greater interchangeability among components. Established as worthwhile, but actualization requires available sourcing. Consequence: attaining certain tools (ex. drill bits) established as worthwhile for the following advantages: greater boundaries of design that aid in meeting OSE specifications, and cost reductions that result from such (ex. modular) designs within a rapid prototyping process.


  • Worked on ensuring cnc circuit mill frame alignment. Frame alignment strategy established.
  • Worked on revised bill of materials for circuit mill
  • Worked on conceptualizing/streamlining manufacturing process


  • Worked on ensuring alignment for the cnc circuit mill manufacturing process. The use of templates and drilling through multiple components at the same time are the main methods. The discrete sections include XYZ axes, frame, platform, spindle, Y-Z integration, and Z-Spindle integration.

1/10/2011 - 2/1/2012

  • Stacked/covered/laid thousands of cebs
  • Worked on ceb press code
  • Worked on ceb press packaging
  • Worked on ceb press electronics redesign
  • Worked on ceb press circuit board fabrication
  • Worked on workshop and hablab construction plans
  • Worked on window assembly
  • Worked on pouring dirt into ceb press using tractor
  • Worked on moving pallets of bricks using tractor


  • Researched Oscillators
  • Researched Operational Amplifier Design
  • Researched Power Inverter Topologies
  • Established General Circuit for Power Inverter


  • Researched CEB Floors
  • Researched and identified sources of nickel-iron batteries
  • Researched power inverters


  • Mostly focused on acquiring, semi-assembling, and shipping to FeF partial electronics for CEB Press operation.


  • Continued research and development for dairy milker
  • Continued research and development for bakery oven
  • Continued research and development for microcombine
  • Continued research and development for industrial robot
  • Continued research and development for spader
  • Continued research and development for seeder


  • Started research and development for dairy milker
  • Continued research and development for bakery oven
  • Reformatted research and development for industrial robot
  • Started researching proportional integral derivative control loops (summing functions)
  • Added some hydraulic item sources to industrial robot bill of materials

September 4-5, 2011

  • Uploaded improved control system diagram for industrial robot
  • Uploaded improved structural system 3d drawing for industrial robot
  • Learned how to apply a combination of firmware and HAL to custom machine control with help from cncbasher
  • Researched slewing bearing sources
  • Uploaded exemplary design information on bakery oven after discussion with bakery owner friend
  • Edited google spreadsheet sourcing information for industrial robot
  • Started HAL file creation for industrial robot
  • Uploaded intro video

September 3, 2011

  • Identified alternative slewing bearing applications in the industrial robot structural system
  • Started 3D CAD Drawing of industrial robot structural system
  • Discussed 1-axis testing resources in #emc

August 31-September 2, 2011

  • Contacted continentalhydraulics
  • Contacted Parker Hydraulics distributors for technical drawings/motor characteristics
  • Worked on DPV documents/media
  • Discussed software-side of control system on #emc for starting on HAL and INI files
  • Received firmware files from cncbasher
  • Designed functional structural system
  • Started enhanced Industrial Robot bill of materials with google spreadsheet

August 27-30, 2011

  • Contacted HydraulicHouse for vane motor technical drawings
  • Contacted HydraulicsPneumatics for technical information
  • Contacted Parker Hydraulics for technical information
  • Contacted a hydraulics consulting organization for technical information
  • Uploaded hydraulic circuit in Industrial Robot Research/Development
  • Researched Slewing Bearings
  • Started enhanced structural design concept creation for the industrial robot

August 26, 2011

  • Contacted hydraulic motor sources for availability and pricing information
  • Contacted Mesa Electronics for availability, compatibility, and pricing information
  • Worked on detailed systems engineering diagram including software and hardware interconnects

August 25, 2011

  • Researched FPGA development pathway for the industrial robot control system
  • Identified proportional valves and analyzed a source for sample pricing

August 24, 2011

  • Researched PID cards
  • Researched alternative flow control methods
  • Researched alternative software-hardware configurations for the industrial robot
  • Improved gearbox design (lower weight)
  • Researched methods to improve step motor characteristics
  • Contacted various hydraulic motor suppliers for technical information

August 23, 2011 and Before

  • Designed Industrial Robot and uploaded bill of materials and manufacturing instructions (work in progress)
  • Researched encoders and quadrature counters (resolution up to 1.25 million cycles per revolution with 4MHz operation)
  • Researched Denavit-Hartenberg parameters, emc2's genserkins and HAL (control system information)
  • Researched hydraulic motor types and characteristics (gerotor, vane, external gear, axial piston, radial piston)
  • Discussed ball and roller bearings with logari81 (raced or full complement, lubrication, material properties, conventional and alternate designs)
  • Discussed emc2 use for the industrial robot with andypugh and PCW (HAL, operating bandwidth, corrective delay, control software-hardware compatibility, options)