Yoonseo Log 12 2012

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December 2012


CEB Electronics Trip Preparation


Tech Development

Email Exchange with Wilson from India Agriculture Project

Commerce exploration.

LLC exploration.


Shaking off remainder of sickness...

Preparing for trip to Barry's for troubleshooting CEB electronics.

Hablab foyer is smokey. Stove is poor as before.


The stove is ridiculous. Much time and frustration. Leaks and handle and non-starting and all.

Better stove = no leaks, forward/backward oriented grate, reliable handle.

Still recovering from sickness...


Defending against sickness.

Successful fire start number 1. The big log does not fire. Gotta somehow cut the large diameter wood down to a more appropriate size. Table saw? Portable saw? Having the mitre saw in front of Hablab works wonders for smaller wood. Tomorrow will try chopping with axe with stone underneath the log.

Somehow made progress on Tech Development plan despite being sickly.


Adding categories to Tech Development Outline - Development Guide

Lots of trouble maintaining the fire - non-straightforward, super-leaky stove, terrible terrible.


Got truck running - removed some unnecessary electronics.

Got truck unstuck from mud- lined wheels with gravel and put gravel in front and back of rear wheels, then moved forward and backward until the gravel was well-lined into the wheel.

Picked up wood.

Responded to Wilson about agricultural project in India looking for collaboration

Progress on 2013 plan - Tech Development


Faxed driver's abstract to GEICO.

Started Tech Development as development scope with project granularization and timeline

Remember to get expanding foam from baker's or other local store.


Got Auto Insurance. Need to get and fax US driver's license and ontario driver's abstract to geico

Need to transfer vehicle under my name. Got non-assessment card. Truck needs inspection- call D-tone on Monday.

Need to take written and driving test at Maysville center on Thursday.

Got driver's abstract.


Research US tax process




Applied for Auto Insurance... Talk to Maysville Local Insurance; if local insurance not good, call GEICO to finalize application

Researching US driver's license process... Call the Maysville licensing office again

Remember to transfer the vehicle under my name

Sealed door-side air gap at back of Hablab

Project Plan/Contract Discussion with Marcin

Working on Project Plan and Contract... Contract Draft 1 Complete. Project Plan Draft 1 Complete.

Progress on Development Guide - Assembly Mechanisms , Forming Mechanisms


  • Locate Plasma Cutter and Move to Torch Table
  • Locate Gas Air Compressor and Move to Torch Table
  • Connect Gas Compressor to Plasma Cutter
  • Mount Plasma Cutter to Torch Table
  • Clean and Organize Electronics Zone
  • Assess CNC Electronics inventory
  • Design CNC Electronics Mounting/Wiring Strategy
  • Mount Steppers to CNC Case
  • Wire CNC Case
  • Wire CNC Electronics to Torch Table


Completed and Tested CEB Press Coded Arduino Board for Barry. Kavitha is taking care of shipping.

Room organizing.

Ordered some hand tools.

Getting ready for some post-organization CNC Torch Table rapid development. Straightforwardness is the key, baby!

Alas, there's a lot of workshop organization, tool acquisition, and supplier searching to be done.

C-Clamps should be made with flat perpendicular faces so that mounting C-Clamps on C-Clamps is easier. Plus flat faces make add-ons easier like welding on a linear rail. Oo, Fancy!

Ah, gotta do the truck legal stuff too.


Well, editing the wiki is so darn accessible. I'm going to try wiki-logging again.

CEB Press 1-Day Production Run

Development Guide is trudging along

Various tools still need to be ordered

Workshop needs to be cleaned up and super organized

Lead Free Brass Fitting and Fuse Holder order is still waiting on Marcin's response...