10 Years of GVCS Blog Post

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Today, it's been 10 years since the GVCS was first announced at the UM Presentation.

Results to date. Not much, but some. Ascent to TED Talk. $1.3M funding since then. About 200 prototypes. The state of completion - 25%. Latest - OBI Kickstarter; Seed Eco-Home and Aquaponic Greenhouse - MicroTrac v17.10 compared to our earliest tractor. Annal builds of the CEB. Genealogies - Power Cube, LifeTrac, CEB Press - dozens of prototypes. Dev Team as the latest effort. Distributive Enterprise.

Major achievements? Module-Based Design. XM, Distriutive Enterprise. Operating on all fronts - not only tech but also enterprise. Combining education and production, two deep markets.

Book. Immersion Program. OBI launch.

Build capacity. Infrastructure capacity. Case for OSE Campus - much like a university but a real regenerative village. Meaning that its revenue strem is not only tuition, or government funding - but bootstrap ability via on-site productivity. That means the facility includes primary, secondary, and tertiary sectors of the economy from the 3 sector model. We have education, production, and cultural/scientific advancement built in.

There's a long walk from here to there - but I estimate it's as short as a decade until the first full campus near a billion dollar scale of operations, and by that time significant motion towards replication. Then by the second decade, 1000 points of such light worldwide. If regenerative economies are established as such - and the open source economy is achieved, that effort would merit several Nobel peace prizes at the least. So humbly speaking, onward.

Continuity issues and funding. Difference between project and product. Livelihood and entrepreneurship. Immeresion training as the solution - for replication of our XM revenue model.

At the same time, ideas are cheap. It's all about execution. Whether the plan goes anywhere as discussed is purely a matter of management and leadership.

And what from there? After artificial scarcity is annihilated, Clearly there would be room for higher level pursuits. From personal mastery to immortality, the world is full of opportunity as civilization moves to Kardashev Scale 1 and beyond, as hinted in Homo Deus.