2013 Version of the Critical Path

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Last updated Dec. 11, 2013 and refactored without changing on 1/18/14. The current critical path of OSE is:

OSE General Critical Path

  1. Stabilize organization, development process, and infrastructure by 2014.
  2. 2014 - Develop a Residency Program for open source developers, and build up OSE Campus to: agricultural productivity, construction capacity, site plan implementation, collaborative production workshops, and immersion curriculum.
  3. Rapid development in 2014-15, including development of immersion curriculum. GVCS completed by 2016.
  4. Experiment in the format of Education where participants demonstrate the promise of a low hour work week required for prosperity, as in minute 1:16 of the Open Source Philosophy video. The details of this experiment are unknown, but we are leaning to the potential format of a Distributive Enterprise Incubator. See notes on OSE Social Experiment.
  5. First class of 24 Fellows - 2017-2018, demonstrating a revenue model of net $1M/year based on collaborative production and immersion education experience.
  6. 2019 - replication of 12 Incubators
  7. 2020-21 - second class of Fellows, 144 Fellows by end of '21
  8. 2022 - 144 Incubators completed.
  9. 2023 - $100M/year net earned to fund open source product development platform

Other Reframes

  1. Build 50 GVCS Machines
  2. Build a village of 12 people that uses the 50 GVCS machines to create modern civilization at 2 hours per day from local resources.
  3. Replicate OSE Incubators to 100 locations worldwide
  4. See also Executive Director's Statement