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The physical build goal of OSE is to produce a replicable city center, in the form of an educational-research facility - the OSE Campus. There is no modern analogue of this, but it can be described best as a combination of existing institutions. It is a mash-up of the following:

  • University - an institution of learning, except that quality education is provided to develop practical skills along with critical thinking ability
  • Eco-Industrial Park or Factory - a center of ecological manufacturing, except by flexible fabrication, immersion hands-on training, and social production
  • Farm - except not a factory farm, but a Factor e Farm - where we transcend norms and produce integrated, regenerative, polycultural ecosystems that give birth to advanced civilization
  • Lunar colony - an autonomous settlement except that it's on Earth, where infrastructure is built and maintained with few imports, but instead - with a predominance of local resources
  • You Tube Channel, News Station - in that it broadcasts its developments continuously to educate the public about its cultural creative work
  • Sanatarium - where people are rejuvenated, driven sane, healed, and inspired to self-determination

The enterprise model for the above is based on productive enterprise that includes education and production, while developing 9 Forms of Capital.


See OSE Onboarding

Unique Features

The unique features of the OSE Campus by 2015 standards is that the entire facility is an experimental autonomous microstate. This means that on as little land as a 40 acre farm, though around 200 acres is preferred. A Dunbar's number of people (150 people being the average maximum number of people with whom a person can maintain relationships) can survive and thrive at a modern standard of living - completely from abundant local rocks, air, sunlight, plants, soil, and water. This is the BHAG experiment that we are pursuing. The curriculum, research, public workshop, and production activity at the OSE Campus will be designed to fulfill this goal, down to production of aluminum from clay and silicon from sand. OSE's goal is to achieve the first example of such a community by 2025.

Peak Performance

Hallmark of OSE training is deep hunger for excellence: peak performance, increased flow state percentage, mind-body-spirit integration, health, raising the bar. The assumption taken is that this must be a proactive search and practice. Candidates should not say "Oh shit, that is demanding" - but instead be inspired by lifelong growth. Responsibility and lack of entitlement attitude are hallmarks sought in our candidates.


Seminal books spanning the full range of human wisdom stack the library:

  • Great Classics of Western Literature - list is found in How to Read a Book
  • personal mastery classics - Maslow, current work on Self Esteem, Napoleon Hill, seminal literature in marketing, deep understanding of Political Ponerology, General Semantics, NLP classics (Handler), Flow States (Cziksentmihalyi + current work), Tony Robins
  • Health and Medicine, Soil and Health Library
  • Applied skills in open source appropriate technology and OS product development.